Limestone Bluffs Resource Conservation and Development Area, Inc. (RC&D) a non-profit corporation registered in the state of Iowa represents the east centraBluffsl Iowa counties of Cedar, Clinton, Delaware, Dubuque, Jackson, and Jones.  The RC&D serves as the sponsor for various projects. Over the years, Limestone Bluffs RC&D has administered grants from a variety of federal, state and private funding sources and conducted audits of organization funds.  We have orchestrated numerous projects involving hundreds of people throughout eastern Iowa communities, providing jobs in circumstances where jobs were scarce. To see specifics about these projects, take a look at our Summary Project List Report. This list of current and past projects may spark an idea. Please contact us if you have an idea or want to brainstorm.

RC&D is a community-driven collaboration and communication that goes on between Washington, DC, down to a couple of people brainstorming over iced tea, the RC&D network is a powerful way to help people change local communities for the better.  Get involved with your RC&D and help make things happen! 

If you have a project idea, give us a call at 563-652-5104 or email us at office@limestonebluffsrcd.org.

Limestone Bluffs is not a government agency.  We are a private, tax-exempt non-profit organization.  Our council has active projects with multi-year funding in place and is seeking support from other resources.

All donations are tax-exempt.
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